•	Reduce the appearance of fine line wrinkles •	Increase rosy glow of skin •	Lightens appearance of dark circles/spots •	Evens skin tone •	Hydrates skin •	Strengthening of the dermis •	Instant and long-term results •	Patch technology provides gentle stimulation of the skin to enhance effectiveness of special ingredients Bring Home the Spa! STRONG EYESTM ANTI-WRINKLE SYSTEM
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STRONGEYES50 STRONGEYES50 Use Promo Code Use Promo Code 2-Month Supply STRONG EYES ANTI WRINKLE SYSTEM (PATENT PENDING) INCLUDES 1) SKIN RENEWAL SERUM 2) INSTANT LINE FILLER 3) STIMULATING PATCH FORZEA BEAUTYTM STRONG EYESTM SKIN RENEWAL SERUM STRONG EYESTM INSTANT LINE FILLER $149 For a Limited Time SAVE $50! For a Limited Time SAVE $50! Strong EyesTM is simple and easy to use. See significant results in as little as 14 days... Cost-effective treatment The results speak for themselves ...Strong EyesTM doesn’t just reduce wrinkles, it promotes healthier, more resilient skin... HURRY BUY YOUR  Strong Eyes! BUY YOUR   Strong Eyes! HURRY BUY YOUR  Strong Eyes! BUY YOUR   Strong Eyes! Day 0 Day 14
What does Strong EyesTM do?
Strong Eyes is a groundbreaking, Patent Pending Skin Care Regimen that produces dramatic results in fighting and reversing those pesky wrinkle lines around your eyes. How do we make this remarkable claim?  We consulted with Plastic Surgery Medical Doctors and have harnessed a unique medically proven “Patch” Technology to  get antioxidants and peptide building ingredients directly into the skin. The Strong Eyes STIMULATING PATCH is designed to take our specially formulated serum and gently, get it into the skin where it can work most effectively, using a micro current….. which is a delivery system that is unparalleled in the skin care world today. See REAL results in just a few weeks. The Strong Eyes System includes a simple re-usable STIMULATING PATCH to assist in getting the special vitamin C based, SKIN RENEWAL SERUM into your skin. The Strong Eyes kit  includes this unique SKIN RENEWAL SERUM, which is used under the STIMULATING PATCH. After using the patch and also on a daily basis, we have included the DAILY INSTANT LINE FILLER. Everyone who uses the Strong Eyes Anti-Wrinkle System will experience remarkable results in minimizing those fine line wrinkles around the eyes. Get the treatment of a Beverly Hills Spa in the comfort of your own home!
Why use Strong EyesTM?